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Coco: "Against Sporting Lisbon or against Paternó does not change: it is necessary to win"

07/26/2002 taken from
APPIANO GENTILE - Immediately after receiving the news from the draw for the Champions League preliminaries, Inter Channel went to ask some nerazzurri players on their impression about their opponents. Francesco Coco did not seem worried:
" We must play against someone, I have no fear. We go on the field to win. Against Sporting Lisbon or against Paternó, where I was born, is the same. The victories have always the same sweet flavor".
Coco has no doubts. To win exists a single method: "It is necessary to step onto a pitch with the right mentality, Knowing that we are a strong squad. To play calmly against any opponent"

Coco: "This year all with a same responsibility' : To play well and to win"

07/25/2002 taken from
APPIANO GENTILE - Another step of Francesco Coco 's interview released today at the Pinetina to the agency Kilometers:
''Responsibility there is always a lot. When you arrive in such a squad, the responsibility cumulates each day and you must always show that you are ready for the task. This year we have a large responsibility that is to do well and to win. We are a fine group, I found everyone with the desire to win and I think that if stay united we will do really well''. There have been rumors about Kily, or Jorgensen, in the 4-4-2 of Cúper who would you rather have in front? '' Players that personal I do not know, therefore I cannot answer the question. I know that Guly could play in that position, we have already played together with AC Milan and I know he can give surely the right contribution''. Guly, a former "rossonero" like you last year had several difficulties with the fans. It is difficult to forget the actual past? '' I am here to do my road - continued Coco - I am pleased to be here and enough".

Coco: "We all want to show our worth and we will give our all. Cuper is a very serious coach."

07/18/2002 Taken from
APPIANO GENTILE – During the presentation of the new Inter kits for the upcoming season, recent signing Francesco Coco chatted to journalists.

You will be an angrier side after what happened at the end of last season!
The anger and the desire to do well will not be missing. We all want to show our worth and we will give our all.

How useful would Nesta be to Inter?
Nesta is very strong, he's a world class player, but one player isn't the whole team.

Do you think you will be ready for the Champions League preliminary round?
I think we can do it. We will have trained for a month and in a month you’re not 100%, but you can achieve a good level of physical fitness.

How are you getting on with Cuper?
Very well. He's a very serious coach, he's very practical.

What'’s your interpretation of Ronaldo , Vieri and Recoba's gesture?
It was a nice gesture. It's very important because it was made by them. They have shown great character.

Coco: "I've found a splendid environment, very serene, where everyone has a great desire to work."

07/18/2002 Taken from
APPIANO GENTILE - Francesco Coco spoke to the press today during the presentation of the new official Inter kits, designed by Nike for the fifth year running.

Shirt number 77, your favourite?
It's my favorite number, it's the year of my birth. I've done very well with this number and I wanted to continue playing with this number. I thank Okan who wore this number last year and who was very kind to let me have it. He has been very kind to me.

How are you finding these first few days as an Inter player?
Very well. I've found a splendid environment, very serene, where everyone has a great desire to work.

You have the responsibility of playing in a position [left wing] that has caused many 'victims'?
I play in a great team, the responsibilities are important and I'm ready to accept them.

Coco: "Ronaldo and Vieri are the best attacking partnership in the world."
06/21/2002 taken from
MILAN - Among the first words Francesco Coco had to say after being officially presented as an Inter player this morning were his compliments for strike partners Ronaldo and Vieri .
"Ronaldo and Vieri are the best attacking partnership in the world. I hope they can have the opportunity to give a lot to this team, because together they constitute one of Inter's strong points. The disappointment for the national team is immense, but let's put that behind us now and concentrate on this new adventure in nerazzurro."

Coco Happy To Be At Inter

06/21/2002. (Soccerage)
Italian International Francesco Coco has spoken of his delight at moving from Milan to neighbours Inter.
"I am very happy to be here. To play for such an important club is an honour. I am ready for the challenge which lies ahead of us," he was quoted as saying on the club's official site.
"The first objective is to win a place, because no-one has a right to one. Once I have a shirt I will have to fight to keep it."