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His preferences:

Music: He spends most of his free time listening to music, he doesn't have a favourite genre, he spends entire afternoons listening to very loud music. His favourite song is "Riders on the Storm" of The Doors. For him it's one symbol like Jim Morrison, one of his idols, who gives him the peace and concentration before a match.

People he admires: He confessed that his biggest idol in football is Maradona.

Person he would like to meet: Renato Zero.

Favourite food: "Pasta in caciata", a typical Sicilian recipe with beets, salted ricotta, and a particular sauce. Obviously it's his grandmother's recipe.

Family anecdotes: He has a nephew named Luca. Last year his little nephew gave him the chicken pox.

An important gift he would like to make: To his grandmother (from his father's side). To make her defeat her fear of flying, so that she could go and watch Francesco playing live.

Curiosities: Francesco, as a child, was a Juventus fan and his father took him all the time to watch matches of the bianconeri.

The tattoos: His arms' tattoos that are written in Chinese. He also has one on his back. Click here to find out what they mean.

More stuff: The meaning of the name Francesco. Click here to find out what it means.